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Warehouse Management System

Seacon (SG)'s Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been developed through 20 years' experience of item level warehouse tracking. An ability to link directly with customer systems or provide direct access to customers via the internet is extensively used with over 85% of Seacon (SG) throughput, taking advantage of the benefits offered.

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Key features:

  • Fully developed bespoke solution:
    • System functionality grows as the business does, keeping up to date with customer requirements
  • Complete EDI capabilities:
    • Incorporating all recognised messaging formats: PapiNet, Embarc, EDIFACT, flat-file etc.
    • Allows full integration with multiple partners; from Manifests, Goods Receipts, Call-Offs through to Delivery Notes and Inventory Status.
    • Ability to support non-EDI enabled shippers with the capability to meet end user EDI requirements
  • Full warehouse tracking and stock reporting at unit level:
    • Real-time access, stock status & tracking at batch AND unit level
    • All products scanned in and out of store to guarantee stock accuracy
  • Automated, bespoke reporting:
    • Format and Content tailored to the customer’s needs, delivered automatically to any specified