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Seacon (SG) Limited

Seacon (SG) is a UK port based terminal operator conveniently located within the port of Tilbury (London) and offering cargo handling, storage and distribution services both to the logistics industry and directly to manufacturers. Seacon (SG) is one of the UK's largest independent supplier to the paper and pulp industry and handles a range of other commodities, project and general cargoes requiring the same high levels of care, reliability, quality and service.

Acting as a Distribution Centre for multiple, blue-chip clients, whilst ensuring a quality, personal service for lower volume shippers, Seacon (SG)'s operations are adapted to meet the specific needs of every client. This allows us to ensure that every customer is provided with a tailored and cost effective logistics solution. Seacon (SG)'s Southern UK port, road and rail terminal operations combine to provide comprehensive national coverage minimising inland delivery costs and road miles to the port of import or export.