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Ship Operations

The fleet of vessels chartered or managed by Seacon are ideally suited to the bulk and neo-bulk commodities trade which dominates the European market. A cargo hold which is completely box-shaped in configuration allows very easy access for loading and discharge, and prevents damage to goods carried.

Our vessels have shallow draft and low airdraft and are suitable for navigation on many of the commercial waterways throughout Europe. All vessels trade with portable bulkhead(s) to allow separation of cargo as required.

Further information on Seacon's fleet may be accessed via our Fleet List page.

We can offer :

  • professional and experienced personnel to handle all freight enquiries in the European market
  • chartering and shipbroking expertise for single market fixtures, requirement contracts and contracts of affreightment
  • specialists in through-freight offering rates on a door-to-door basis
  • continuous links with vessels via satellite communications

Cargoes carried on a regular basis include :

  • steel products
  • newsprint and paper products
  • unitised wood pulp
  • dry bulk cargo (coal | petroleum coke | ferro manganese | fertiliser)
  • grain
  • heavy lifts / large indivisible loads
  • bagged / palletised goods